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Contact lenses can correct your vision and even prevent the progression of myopia in children. At Ypsilanti Vision in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Tiffany Zair-Yalda, OD, and the experienced team of eye care specialists offer a wide range of contact lenses onsite. You can even get lens trials to see how new contacts will work for you. Call the office or click the online scheduler to book your contact lens exam and fitting.

Contact Lenses Q & A

Who is a good candidate for contact lenses?

You could be a good candidate for contact lenses if you wear glasses for vision correction but you’d prefer not to wear them full time or if you want to swap them for contacts. Contact lenses can give you freedom from glasses without sacrificing clear eyesight. 

Good contact lens candidates can be any age. In fact, many children wear contacts as myopia (nearsightedness) control — essentially, it’s a way to stop the progression of myopia and maximize your child’s vision. 

You need good motor control skills to wear contact lenses because a steady hand is important for smooth insertion and removal. Of course, it’s also important to commit to proper contact care.

If you’re worried that your eye problem might mean you’re not a candidate, never fear. Ypsilanti Vision has a wide range of options, including contacts for astigmatism, contacts for dry eyes, multifocal contacts, and specialty contacts for keratoconus. 

The Ypsilanti Vision optical center has contacts for everyone, and your optometrist can help you find the ideal type of lenses.

How do myopia control contact lenses work?

Myopia control is a way to slow the progression of myopia in children using special multifocal contact lenses. The lenses have concentric circles that work in two ways. 

One set of rings correct nearsightedness, just like ordinary glasses or contacts. The second set of rings defocus part of the light that enters the eye. This corrects eye elongation, a common cause of myopia progression.  

Myopia control is a painless way to prevent your child from further vision loss as they grow. Myopia control contact lenses are FDA-approved for children ages 8-12. 

Are contact lenses exams the same as eyeglasses exams?

No, glasses and contacts exams are different. Ypsilanti Vision performs a comprehensive exam whether you need glasses or contact lenses. 

For a contact lens exam, your optometrist performs additional tests to measure your eye size and curvature. They may also do tests to check tear production or other factors that could influence your success wearing contacts. 

Once your optometrist determines your prescription, they’ll recommend a specific lens type for you. Ypsilanti Vision has many different contact lens brands to choose from, and your optometrist can give you a pair of trial lenses to see how they work for you. 

Book your exam for contact lenses by calling Ypsilanti Vision or using the online scheduling tool now.